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Luke Wigman


Luke’s military career began in 2008, following his attestation into the RAF Regiment. Following his first operational tour in Afghanistan, he completed the physically demanding training to become a paratrooper.

In 2011, Luke reached the pinnacle of his career; he was selected to join a highly competitive and elite combat unit, known as SFSG, a special operations unit of the British armed forces.

During his second tour of Afghanistan, operating around Sangin, a particularly hostile region, his luck was about to change. Whilst on foot patrol, mentoring a section of Afghan troops, an IED (improvised explosive devise) was activated, setting off a deafening explosion. As the dust settled, the realisation started to sink in; he had stepped on the hidden device that was about to bring his career to an end.

Luke’s severe injuries left him with complete loss of sensation to his left knee, and very limited movement. This was only regained after multiple operations and years of painstaking physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Despite his recovery, he was medically discharged from the Regiment in 2013, a daunting prospect at the time. However, during this period, Luke realised that the simple things in life are often taken for granted. The pain he continues to feel acts as a reminder of his narrow escape, which now fuels him with the drive and determination needed to fulfil his dreams.


In the face of adversity, the determined athlete fought back to become a stronger, and now respected international competitor, coming runner-up in two of the world's most mentally and physically demanding marathons, held at the North Pole and Antarctica, as well as becoming the Volcano Marathon Champion in November 2016. He also represented his country in the London Invictus Games 2014, winning the 1500m gold medal, and most recently the Orlando Invictus Games 2016, where he retained his 1500m title, as well as bringing home bronze in the 400m.

In January 2017, Luke competed in what he describes as his most grueling race to date. He successfully completed 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days, known as the ‘World Marathon Challenge’, averaging 3.09:32 per marathon. Luke has become the fastest British runner to complete this incredible feat, ranking him third of all time, and and in 2020 Luke became the first British athlete to complete this amazing global challenge twice.

As well as his sporting achievements, Luke continues to serve his community working for the East Midlands Ambulance Service, and acting as a proud ambassador for the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC). 

His story has become an inspiration for people around the world.




•North Pole Marathon- Runner-Up- 2014

•London Invictus Games-1500m gold medalist - 2014

•Sports Personality of the Year Awards- Winner of the Helen Rollason Award- 2014

•Pride of Britain Awards- Special Recognition Award for GB Invictus Team- 2014

•Soldiering on Awards- The Courage Award- 2015

•Antarctic Ice Marathon- Runner Up- 2015

•Orlando Invictus Games- 400m bronze medalist - 2016

•Orlando Invictus Games-1500m gold medalist - 2016

•Volcano Marathon- Winner - 2016

•The Sun Military Award: Overcoming Adversity - 2017

•World Marathon Challenge- 2020

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